Sunday, November 2, 2014

Grocery Getting

Bicycling parking at Fareway.  This is only the items from Hy Vee and Dollar General as we just arrived.  I failed to take an after Fareway photo.

Another trip to the store on Saturday.  It was a chilly day, temps in the 40s and a bit windy.  The sudden shock of the temperature drop had us scrambling for our winter bicycling clothes.  We waited until lunch time before leaving the warmth of our home.  First stop was at El Rancho Alegre for authentic Mexican food.

After the south of the border deliciousness we crossed the street and went to Hy Vee.  Like most Hy Vee's, the Park Ave location provides for bicycle parking which is very convenient.  Not the easiest store to frequent on bicycle due to traffic and lack of trails yet they offer bike parking.  Thank you!

15 lb dog food
3 bottles of wine
1 jug of wine
2 packages of split chicken breasts
2 2lt bottles of soda
1 3.5 lb bag of cat food
6 pack of toilet paper
bag of jasmine rice
4 red bell peppers (2 for $1!)
bottle of laundry detergent
2 giant sweet potatoes
1 red onion
tub of REAL butter

As I loaded the Burley Mary ran next door to the Dollar Store and purchased a coffee maker since ours died last Sunday

Once the load was secured we journeyed to Fareway.  Unfortunately there is no bicycling parking at the SE 22nd so I backed the Burley against a curb and leaned the bicycles together in a car parking spot.  Fook 'em!  This amazes me since this store is located in a residential neighborhood and a major bicycle trail is nearby.

Purchases included
9 lb pork loin
1 lb breakfast sausage
1 lb steak
bag of La Rue breakfast blend coffee
16 lb bag of charcoal

All of these purchases from 3 stores fit nicely in the Burley.  Nothing fell out.  The return trip saw us go north on SE 22nd and then take the Des Moines River Trail to our neighborhood.  7.3 mile trip


  1. Good buy on the peppers. Very cool to be able to grocery shop this way. Coffee maker quits on Sunday and you don't purchase a new one till following Saturday?! Are you just weekend coffee drinkers?

    1. Free Starbuck's at work Mon thru Friday so I only homebrew on Saturday and Sunday. Had to boil water in the kettle and pour it over the brew basket until replacement arrived.