Sunday, March 20, 2016

Not Enough Blood

This week I finally had the courage to look up my condition and learn what it was all about.  My friend Joe Shearer who is perhaps 20 years my junior just went through the same issue I've been dealing with but with great sorrow I must relate that his is much worse and they will have to crack open his chest to fix it instead of shoving a platinum hose to the offending artery  His LAD is clogged.  Left Anterior Descending artery.  Look that stuff up for not only is important it is very interesting.  So where am I?

Uncontrolled hypertension leading to increase of muscle mass to one part of my heart and restricted blood flow to the lower heart from the OM1 and OM2 branches of the Left Circumflex Artery.  I've been told that I have "stable angina."  During high heart rpm not enough blood is getting to certain heart muscles and I experience discomfort.  It is my hope that all the drugs I am prescribed will reduce the size of the enlargement and increase blood flow.

I only notice this when biking hard.  The rest of the time I am not that physical.  So it seemed strange that I experienced this problem when riding to a friend's house yesterday afternoon on a roadie.  I basically did nothing all day and then donned a backpack and rode up Ingersoll Ave in a headwind.  I've battled headwind all week and climbed steeper hills and even taken a heavier and slower bike.  Bummed.

Take it easy.  Don't push myself to and through that threshold.  Recover.

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  1. That sucks. I hope you are able to continue to ride and stay healthy.