Monday, March 28, 2016

Typical Spring Commute

Typical early Spring commute home from work. Had to use the touring panniers until I get new commuter bags for this bike. Found the map I used for The Ragbrai 2015 inside one of them still in a sealed Zip-Loc baggie.

Made the mistake of putting them on the bike as I was ready to leave the house.  Simple design but requires a hex wrench to adjust.  The tool hunt and work delayed take off by up to 10 minutes.  At least i finished my ice coffee (cold left over from Sunday coffee plus half n half).

Mary and I rode together.  Saw lots of rabbits and deer and one other bike.  We also saw Jason and Cassandra walking their Airedales.  Instead of parting at the 8 mile mark I continued with Mary on the Clive Greenbelt adding 3 extra miles.  Been a long time since I have done this.  I need the extra miles.

It was 30F this morning so I wore a jacket, extra layer for the legs, balaclava, fleece, gloves and head band.  On the return I stuffed most of that in the bags.   It was in the low 60s when I left work..

Stopped at Barr Bike for a Cateye computer and 2 cages since this bike is new. Had Mary meet me at Windsor Heights Hy Vee because we needed bread and wine. Picked up 6 bottles of wine so I could get the 10% discount and the canvas wine bottle bag (holds 6) for free. Dropped everything off at home and then hit the corner store to pick up soda for Mary and Coca-Cola for my rum. 32 mile day for this single speed.

Waiting for the day that I can where the same clothing to work that I wear home but without hat, gloves, long pants and jacket.

Outside Graziano's  Only carrying 2 2 lt bottles of soda and my jacket but should have straightened the bag out before the photo was taken. 


  1. Graziano's? Is that any relation to the English teacher at our high school? and also, yes! I can't wait for there not to be a 30 degree jump in temp from morning to after work.

  2. I do not recall said English teacher since I avoided English and Lit as much as possible back then I regret. Most Italian AMericans here seem to be related. "Hello Cousin" is a popular greeting here.