Thursday, February 12, 2015

1000 Miles Thus Far 2015

1001 miles for 2015.  3 year in a row for this bike.

Hit the 1K mark on my way in to work this morning.  A bitterly cold day.  I believe it was 5F with a 16 mph wind from the NW.  But it warmed up to 14F for the return trip with the wind at my back slowly turning to the south.  I did not notice the south wind until I was within a half mile of home.

Last year I hit 1000 miles on the 19th of February.  Today is the 12th so I bested that by a week.  Last year I purchased a Stone Brewery beer, Cali-Belgi IPA and drank it under the Fleur viaduct.  Paul, another Commuter of the Year joined me.  Rode with Mary in the morning but she was about 3 miles shy of that magic moment.  This year I rode with Anders on the way home.  He should be a Commuter of the Year since Laura and him went down to one car.  Great to spend it with a friend even for a few miles.  I think we both agreed that it felt good outside.  14F felt like 30F

Interesting to note that the Trek FX 7.5 had the honors of being the bike that I was on at the 1K mark.  Last year the Red Phoenix had 901 miles on that day.  Today it has only 430.  My Trek 2200 has 449 miles.  2013 I did not reach that point until the 3rd of March.  Same bike, 772 miles on it by the of that day.

I hope to have 2K by the Mayor's Ride.

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