Friday, February 20, 2015

Things I Saw Today That Blew My Mind

With a favorable South wind I took the roadie for the morning commute.  16F but the forecasted snow went to the Northeast and the pave was clear.  As promised it was near 40F when I rode home.  Nice weather.  First time all week I not only got off on time but was able to wear my Wayfarers.  Here are three unusual things I saw.

In the morning I followed a mouse running full speed on the Bill Riley Trail.  Kinda wanted to see an owl swoop down and snatch that rodent but that never happened.  The mouse ran pretty fast and then darted to the snow/grass shoulder of the trail and disappeared from my light.  I usually see rabbits, raccoons and deer for furry mammals on the trail.

After work I rode across another "murder scene."  was it last week I had to detour around a stabbing incident in Windsor Heights?  So today I came across several police cars, the Water Works cop and someone in a black Jaguar.  Yeah, a mere X-Type but still a good looking car for something prolly 10 years old.  Seemed out of place for a crime scene pow wow.  This was at the Raccoon River pedestrian bridge.  Making my way past the meeting I saw Channel 5's news crew set up with camera and I talked to them to get the 411.  I also noticed that a police car with its lights on deep in the area known as the Lost Planet near the river.  Apparently, a body was discovered an hour before I arrived.

So leaving that area I sped along and rode past Gray's Lake to find the 3rd interesting thing of the day.  I placed the bike in big ring and it felt good, first time in weeks.  Had to pass a woman running with her dog and then a man jogging.  Proper passing procedure, called out and passed on THE LEFT.  Working back to the right I saw #3.

I heard it first.  "Excuse me," or something to that affect.  Turning my head slightly to the right I saw a bicycle wheel.  Someone endeavored to pass me on the right after I passed the jogger.  He was now on the icy edge of the shoulder.  I gave him a few inches to get back on the trail so he could pass on my left.  I also asked if he was ok.  He did not sound pissed for being cut off like that.  But for the love of all that is good please sound off.  It was not like I was weaving all over the trail.

He passed properly and took off possibly going 25 mph which was a bit more than I felt necessary to ride on such a nice late afternoon.  This probably explains why I was unaware of his presence.  Then again, having to weave through pedestrians I never expect someone to pass on the right.

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