Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Closer Still the InterZone of Colliding Worlds

Just a normal day.  Ride 12.5 miles to work in 27F weather.  Dodge a lot of refreeze ice.  Log on to FaceBook as I drink my coffee and change into civilian clothing.  Under a group entitled "Fans of New Order" I find a jpeg motif of the cover of Joy Division's first album, Unknown Pleasures.  This one is a bit different.  It is made from bicycle chains.  I dub it "Unknown Cycling Pleasures" and download it it and place it on Twitter.

I have a lot of New Order/Joy Division friends/followers on Twitter.  Well, maybe not that many but enough to interact with.  We are a passionate group of music fans,  I also have a lot of bicycling friends and followers on Twitter.  I posted the photo for the former group.  I wondered how many of the latter would recognize the  icon.

About quitting time at work my phone blew up.  Retweets and favorites from the photo made their way around the world.  Looking at the clock and adding 6 or 7 hours (I don't know anymore do to DST or the end of DST whatever the fook we are currently on) and noted that it was near bedtime in the UK.  People were making the final social media foray of the day.

All the way home the phone beeped.  I checked a few time in case Mary of the kids were texting me.  The Twitter notification is the same as the text noise.  Nothing but retweets and favorites about the photo.

About the art work.  According to Peter Hook, bass player and founding member of Joy Division/New Order, Bernard Sumner, guitar/keyboards and founding member of Joy Division/ founding member, singer, guitar and keys of New Order, discovered the photo in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy.  It is diagram of a pulsar, a dieing star.  Peter Saville, Factory Records graphic artist did the rest and the image is forever associated with JoyDivision/NewOrder.

My post received many hits from both the cycling world and the JD/NO world.  Two of my passions colliding in cyberspace.  Of note, Gillian Gilbert, guitar/synth of New Order, favorited it herself!  Humble honor over stolen art work.  In the cycling world, Steve Fuller, Iowa's best biker, Peloton Magazine, and the "cycling reporter" have shared or faved.

Guess I should save my chains, get a frame and a black velvet canvas and a bottle of white spray paint.

Oh yeah, I'd be remiss if I would forget to mention weNredrOwoN retweeted it as well.

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