Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The White Warm Robe of the Winter Diety

Just want to go home.
Have to travel far.
Don't want to drive, don't want to battle cars.
Share the road they say but distracted and vile cagers do not hear.
And the filthy sand and snow, the streets are unforgiving.

Took a chance today that my trail would be open.
The past few days it was buried by the snow.

Down a single track of cleared yet drifted snow to the sleeping trail beneath.
And when I reached it I had to stop and stare in awe.
So beautiful now yet I hunger for the thaw.
A silent voice spoke so clearly to tell me it was alright.
"The battles of yesterday will be no more for you tonight."

"Welcome dear mortal," the voice revealed itself.
The Spirit of Winter showed its white face to me.
Eyes so bright and brilliant like diamonds in every tree,
revealing the frozen beauty for my eyes to see.

"Today I grant you safe passage.  The air has warmed, you will not freeze.  I've calmed the wind, just a trickle of  southern breeze.  Enjoy it while you can.
For I am a capricious spirit and tomorrow I could send my wrath."

"My stay here will not last for much longer, a month of two for you.  Then I will yield to those that turn green, flower and bloom."

"I may stop for a visit and bury your hopes for a day.  But I will not stay long for the Sun and Warmth must have their say."

"And when their time has ended I come back on a jealous wind,
to rule over the dormant land and those fools who think they can live.
In the form of the Ice Dragon, ice for flames and snow as breath, oblivion for all who fail to show respect."

"But for now enjoy the beauty and ride safely home.
Today I shall hug,
tomorrow I may strike."

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