Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1st Day of Summer Zoo Ride

The animals were out in force today.  maybe they could sense the incoming thunderstorm rolling in that WHO Radio said would hit hours later.  Maybe it was the first day of summer albeit early at 445 am when I encountered the first.

There's a new skunk in town on the trail.  I saw him/her on Monday underneath the Fleur viaduct.  Smaller than last year's skunk and a bit of grey instead of the bright white stripes.  It could have been dirty, again.  Today the skunk was not under the viaduct to my relief.  But moments later I spotted a dark object on the trail.  At this point I only using a 50 lumen head lamp.  I save the 750 lumen light for Water Works park and beyond since this area has substantial indirect lighting from the city.
So the dark object on the trail ends up being the dirty skunk.  Tail up but facing me.  Then the strangest thing happened, the skunk turned around and started following me or my light!  Usually they run away and turn so their butt is facing me.  Not this time.  I should have slowed down to see if it was truly following.

A mile later I was making the north turn to cross the Raccoon River bridge at Water Works Park.  There was a raccoon on top of the trash barrel with a can of ginger beer in its paw.  WTF?  Making Moscow Mules at 5 am?  Ricky says to Trixie, "Sorry, you got to drink this Mule out of a red Solo cup.  Those dirty humans rarely leave copper cups around anymore."

So as that imaginary conversation between two raccoons was floating around my head I encountered a deer bobbing its head across the trail.  Half expecting to see a pair of wireless earbuds in its ears as  the source of the head bob I was disheartened to discover the reason for it.  Bum front leg.  The deer was walking on 3 legs and holding the injured leg up.  I wish it well.

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