Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ride to Redfield

Mary had Monday off and we took our fast bikes to Redfield, Iowa, on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  Near perfect day, just a tad too warm as we are not used to long rides in hot weather yet.  75 miles which including some exploration of non-trail areas.  This would be our longest ride of 2017 thus far.

Essentially, the first part of the ride was our old route for our work commutes.  Since Mary switched employers we have not ridden this way daily since November.  We also parted ways at NW 128th with a kiss, Mary going north and me heading south.  Now I ride this solo since she works downtown.

The pre-ride bagel and cream cheese burned off before we hit Waukee.  Hy Vee would be the first stop.  Breakfast.  Then back to business.  No stops until Redfield accept at intersections.

Redfield saw us at the Casey's.  Gatorade.  Mary took the orange cap ring from her bottle and made a heart.  I did as well.  Romance lives!

Once back in Adel we stopped at The Brickyard.  This establishment is located right off the trail across from the brick plant.  It opened in March.  An impressive assortment of specials.  24 beers on tap.  Food is available.  I plan to visit it again.  We were one and done.

No stops until we got home except for a restroom break at the Waukee trailhead.  It is open despite the construction.   We did turn off the Greenbelt and rode up to our old parting place and shared a kiss.  A note about the Greenbelt.  The kids are back this summer.  Expect to see 10 or so teens on the long bridge jumping into Walnut Creek.  Summer ain't only about XBox and tv.  If I was their age and lived near by I'd be on that bridge as well.  Good to see people enjoying themselves.

Once home we passed 3 men and a Bobcat digging a hole 3 blocks away from our house.  Sure enough, no water on our street.  It came back on after an hour and one of the men walked the street hanging notices about tomorrow's water disruption.  Altering the water main.  Poor timing on our part.  Should have completed a century.  Thought about it but we were not with the wind.

Yes, we should have completed the loop.  Construction started on a new intersection between Redfield and Adel and the county wants trail users to avoid it for a few days.  I hope it will be passable on Friday.

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