Saturday, June 3, 2017

Burley Action

Old and well used.  We found this Burley trailer on a curb next to a dead lawn mower and a soiled sofa.  We have another at home that we purchased in 1991.

With the POTUS pulling the US of A out of the Paris Accords I thought what a better way to to make a difference can one make than by using their bicycle for a shopping trip.  Just kidding, we don't own a car.  But even if we did this is the best way to shop.  This was going to be a BIG trip so we used our Burley trailer.  Once purchased to haul kid now it is relegated to hauling goods.

My 1994 Campy Trek 2200 was the prime mover of the trailer since it lacked the ever interfering kick stand.

It was a 17 mile round trip to the Hy Vee and Wal Mart in Windsor Heights, Iowa.  All but a 1/2 mile on trails, parking lot a a 1/2 block of wide sidewalk.

We probably could have gotten everything in Mary's Specialized hybrid and my Trek 520 touring bike with 4 panniers BUT we needed 6 more tomato cages which although could have been strapped on to a rack are best carried in a trailer.  One bungie cord used plus the kid seat belt strap.

We experienced our first grocery loss.  The bottle of dish detergent opened up and left soap on the Burley.  Maybe we lost 3 sink loads.  What does one use to clean up soap?

All in all a wonderful ride.  We had eggs Benedict at the Market Grille for breakfast and brought over $150 worth of goods home including plants.  Anyone can do this.

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