Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sign o Times: Tour de Detour

Two seasons here, winter and construction.  Here are the highlights of my week of riding in the Des Moines Metro area.  Please feel to send me your photos of this vein to  I will add them.

SW 30th and George Flagg Water Works Park bicycle entrance

Flagg and SW 30th again.  Waiting for shoulder work to finish.  Road has been paved for two weeks and already is striped.

5th Street/Jackson St/Green Bridge for the installation of LED lights.  Closure removed on Friday after a few weeks.  We actually saw people working on the lights once.  Otherwise the most absurd closing of all time.  Let's take away the bridge for 2 years and then give it back for a few months and then close it without any visible reason why.

Bill Riley Trail closed for the removal and installation of the rail bridge.  As promised, a 12 hour closing.  These people know how to get the job done!

Jordan Creek Trail just north of Raccoon River Park.  They are replacing the surface in this section.

NE 80th St and NE 54 Ave between Altoona and Bondurant, Iowa.  Easy for bikes to get around since all the work at the time was on 54th.
NW 66th at Sycamore Access.  Major construction on that road.  Been at least two years.  I left the flash on and the photo was all white so I made a negative of it and some other doctoring.  I like the looks of it!

NW 66th.  This project is taking such a long time and it cut the Neal Smith Trail in 2.  To accommodate bicyclists and runners a paved detour trail was created with a crossing light installed so people can safely get to the other side.  Thank you!

Johnston, Iowa, at NW 57th Ave.  Thank you Derrick Spoon for letting people know about this one.  Mary says this section is habitually closed.

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