Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ragbrai 2013 PhotoBlog

Less words, more pretties...  Just a quick way to share the photos I took or stole on The Ragbrai 2013 Edition.

Stephanie Shearer took these right before we got on the Great Western Trail



Martensdale, Iowa, at the end of the Great Western Trail

Fulfulling my desire of enjoying a cool, crisp refreshing beer inside a covered bridge.  St. Charles, Iowa.

Winterset, Iowa.  Craig's rear wheel is out of true.  this would dog us for the beginning of Day 2.  Eventually he got it to stop hitting the brake pads but there was a hop in the wheel.

John Wayne Memorial Winterset, Iowa

On the salon next to the cafe, Winterset, Iowa
Great Breakfast.  Gouda cheese omelete

Three bikers heading east on Iowa 92.  Felt better seeing bikes on this highway.

Bonnie and Clyde's getaway car!  Highway 92

This buzzard was on my bars for a long time then I took him off.  Missing for quite sometime until he resurfaced in my toolbox the day that I left.  Half way through the Ragbrai it broke in half leaving only the feet on the bars.
Nice rollers on 92!

Airtractor dusting crops along Iowa 92.

Curtis from West Des Moines on his Terratrike bagging it out to the beginning of Ragbrai.  No map.  Took a right on 92 at Martensdale, Iowa.

I like this abandoned village, Norway Center, Iowa.  Wish there was better light for the other buildings.  Also wished I had taken a photo of the south side of this church.

Perfect place for a photo!

Joe and Donnie joined us this morning.  We taught them how to bag properly.

US 71.  We took a beer break here on out way to the T-Bone Trail

This giant piston was part of a diesel motor that created electricity at an electrical plant.  Imagine the compression required to move this bastard!

crossing Interstate 80 on the T-Bone Trail

We stopped for a beer and then Team Emu arrived and joined us.  They were on their way to Marne, Iowa.

Exira, Iowa

The senic look out where the trail stopped for a moment.

No Testle Left behind!

2 dudes bagging it out.

Hamlin, Iowa.  We ate the first tenderloin of the day in this town.  Darrel's Place.  They were preparing for ragbrai which rolled right through it a few days later.

Audubon, Iowa

A bad picture of the Motel No Tell sign Audubon, Iowa.

Prairie Fire v Fireball or the end of our bottle of Prairie Fire.

Audubon, Iowa.

County road N46 was under construction.  This is what happens when the asphalt is removed.

Corn whiskey mixed well with Gatorade.

Mystery Machine and Die Hard in Yale, Iowa.

Amy Greiger.


Craig loves to make these faces.
Colin and me.

On the road to Panora, Iowa.  this is the only photo I have of Angel.

Leeper and GYM in Panora, Iowa.

The view from our room at the lakeside Inn Panora, Iowa.

The only use the hot tub got.

This couple have been retired for 16 years.  Just cruising the trail.

Outside Yale, Iowa.

Amy, Don, Davis and John.

Shade in Yale as Ragbrai rolls through.

Missy, Gary and Ramona.

Johnny Paco's.

Richard Sammy Beerman.

Scenes from inside Yale's only bar, Just Ethel's.

Jamaica, Iowa.

Dawson, Iowa.

Dora participated in a drum line in Perry, Iowa

Mary and Dora.
The tents are up!

Mary and I at our Perry, Iowa, overnight.

soccer injury 3 weeks before Ragbrai.

Wrestling in Dallas Center, Iowa.